Kitchen Remodel

Due to the success of the Sam and Cam Show and a general desire to have a more functional kitchen, we endeavored to remodel our kitchen over the Christmas Holiday.

These first two images show what the kitchen looked like before remodeling and what the new design will look like in a 3-D modeling program.


This is the kitchen right before beginning demolition…


Demolition has begun…

3 4

Finished demolition…

5 6

Flooring being installed…

7 8

Drywall and electrical…

10 11

Texture and paint…

15 16

Base cabinets and then counter tops…

17 18

Upper cabinets followed by cabinet doors…

19  22

More doors, trim, ceiling fans, and side panels to complete the kitchen.

23 24

And here is a behind the scenes shot taken while filming the first show in the new kitchen…

Full Kitchen

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